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Final steps of Big Tex Classic 3 tone sunburst. Amber base coat , Red, Black. Clear coat. BIG FUN !!

A photo posted by Eric Danheim (@bigtexguitars) on

The Mission of Big Tex Guitars simple: to create new replica vintage guitars at reasonable prices with the look, feel and tone of the beloved pieces from the 50's and 60's - instruments that have become impossible for most players to even dream of owning. Our nitrocellulose finishes are hand rubbed and polished using old-school techniques on the finest cuts of alder, swamp ash and pine. The finishes are purposely applied very thin to replicate a 40 to 50 year old, well-worn finish. This allows the wood to open up and breathe earlier as the guitar is played, recreating the timbre of very old, finished wood. The result is tremendous acoustic tone that translates to superior amplified tone. Attention to detail is most crucial in creating a realistic vintage finish and a quality guitar. We build every instrument as if it were to be our own. You can purchase a Big Tex Guitar with confidence, knowing you're getting the best the replica guitar industry has to offer. 
     The craftsmen at Big Tex represent a combined 60+ years in the business of repairing, building, collecting and playing vintage instruments. We offer a variety of services including distressed vintage-style finishing in historically correct and custom colors, and distressing of all metal hardware and plastic parts. Thanks for your interest in what we do and please take a few moments to check out the rest of our site.