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All of them follow the same format. All of them rattle off the same Blue Pill tropes even those without the aid of a Red Pill Lens are familiar with — open communication, keep it fresh, meeting her needs, be supportive, etc.

Anytime he initiated she would recoil from him and begin to Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea. As I said, this is standard Dead Bedrooms fare for the majority of men who married while fully immersed in a Blue Pill world.

However, this is why I thought the analysis and advice on the part of the hosts 1 male host, 1 male, and 2 Bautiful co-hosts were very telling about the state of the Blue Pill world.

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Again, there was no information about this from the emailer, but this was the first presumption the female co-hosts jumped to whenever a woman is described as crying about having sex. In almost every social infraction we are expected to presume a blameless state with women.

Look For Hookers Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea

Even when the actual fact is disproven, and the fault or choice blatantly falls upon the woman in question, the rationale and after-the-fact absolving of that woman of her own culpability is still expected to take precedence over the actual fault. For example, when I first detailed the situation of the woman and her husband in.

The acceptable, socially reflexive presumption was to give this woman a plausible reason — and one designed to evoke feminine victim sympathy — for her actions rather than consider that she was Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea living in the moment and following her Hypergamous imperatives at the time.

the big list of words >> a aargh abandon abandoned abbey aberdeen abilities ability able abnormal aboard abolished abolition abortion about above abroad abruptly absence absent absolute absolutely absorb absorbed absorption abstract absurd abuse abused ac academic academics academy accelerated acceleration accent accents accept acceptable acceptance accepted accepting. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your access to the most informative and considered journalism in the UK. 8chan /zoo/ - Zoophilia - Zoos charged in the news.

Of course, the simple answer was that the husband was Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea into the same Dead Bedrooms scenario most men in his situation are placed in. There simply is no qualifying it.

There develops an internal conflict for these heroes of abuse because their dedication to themselves as their own Mental Point of Origin will always be compromised by a Blue Pill conditioned responsibility of supportiveness for women. From the Alpha Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea side of Hypergamy, her subconscious hates the idea of being obligated to fuck her Beta Bucks provider, Beauitful again, subconsciously, she needs or feels she needs his support, provisioning, and emotional availability.

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Unrelated question but just your thoughts on Groundhog Day. I just recently saw it again.

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It seemed to address both the blue pill and red pill perspective. Rollo, this is only tangentially Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea to the topic at hand, but I am curious how to square the red pill admonishing against white knighting behavior with the rampant sexual assault committed by migrants against Beautiflu born women in Europe. Do you think the ongoing sdx assault is something the women of Europe have deliberately or subconsciously invited in order to get the tingles of rough, do-what-you-will submission to the other?

Or is it more understated than that. The problem is that there is a time lag in men.

But society is arranged to disguise that. So many men are stuck with the image of the girl as a 19 year old when she looks nothing like that now.

The girl would prolly be wivfs receptive if the guy was an actual abuser. Consoling them seems to be a passion killer for them — marks you out as feminine. I might have met ONE such woman in my 35 years. I will sum up: As you state in this post I am no exception, I had far better sexual partners in Hy lets be friends girl past with whom sex Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea beyond great, they lusted after me and I lusted after them.

Growing up I would watch Oprah and Phil D. Talks show after talk show for a Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea and a half I watched these.

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No cable choices or internet back then. My disgust was manifest towards these shows, because I just knew something was not right.

Six months in, we moved in and the sexual dance changed completely. Now, I also did not do my fair share to seeking attraction, I thought my beta behaviours, earning potential and feminism was plenty.

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Watched a documentary recently about The Sopranos tv show. In the documentary, the actor who played Ralphie said women started showing a lot more interest in him after that episode aired. You know something with a bit of imagination to it.

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Anonymous April 5th, at 1: Did you get — morbidly — obese as so many women do these days after the marriage feast? The cognitive dissonance is simple. Women are wired to fuck one type of man primally: This conflicts with wwives piece of internal female wiring: Society says she should love her husband the way she Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea Chad.

A woman can love a man or be committed to him in a socially acceptable Bluepill fashion. I find it hard to watch TV shows to watch and movies. The male characters are all betas tip toeing around on egg shells Tall w big tool looking for fun and women.

All the women are the lead smart investigators and the men their lap dogs seeking approval. I see everything Rollo talks about played out everyday. Rollo, from Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea Sosuave days if you still remember me.

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So, I want to take you to task here. SD, I get your point about biology. We are now evolved and not just wild animals running around. I used to work in a novelty store and lots of women of all ages came through to get toys.

I would say Groundhog Day was mostly Blue Pill. Maybe would have been a funny ending if he got out of Groundhog Day but she still blew him off.

The problem is that intersectional feminism has introduced a paradigm where victims are granted Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea very high status, lots of power and respect. Victims are looked at as having higher wisdom than non-victims, this is modern dogma. But the truth is this: A redpill boot camp looks like a viable necessity,where men are initiated through withdrawal from electronic devices and encouraged to gain calluses.

In my 61 years the number of women that have admitted to any responsibility for their marriage Sexy women seeking sex tonight Colchester Vermont relationship Beaytiful I can count on two fingers. The ones that played the victim card the most, the abuse they reported was actually what Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea did to their signifigant other.

Feel free to keep living the lie. Sudden, covered this only a few weeks ago: Learn how to take care of yourself.

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If you unpack that, you may find that while I am being a bit terse, I am not being flip. Something about abuse and hypergamy in it raw form…I am 40 y.

He told me one story but olso tell that he never understud point of that story. Year is abouthis vilage somewere in ex Yugoslavia.

Some father decide to mery a daughter for some good man. Good man in that time perception.

He gave a man his daughter hand a she Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea living in his house. LeeLee — So spot on. I will share later on abuse and recovery, but the damage to self and identity is huge and not dealt with properly in many therapeutic settings.

You often speak of open hypergamy becoming more and more common in the future. If this is true, how do hhot think feminists, SJWs and white knights are going to react to it? Do you think men will start waking up en masse, swallowing the red pill and improving themselves in order to compete with the pre-made or pre-enlightened alphas? Or will they further sink into porn, VR sex and generally yot up on women?

For those just tuning in: So thank you for those of you who cared to answer. Women, often, embellish whenever they are telling their side of the story. West portsmouth OH bi horny wives of these Swznsea are truly damaged goods. Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea no one is suitable for marriage. She has been made herself soulless via multiplayer butthex sessions.

Only a beta buy the lie that this is not a damaged asset, physically and mentally. The best investment you can do is not purchase them in the long term. And hope that artificial wombs come soon for that. Pinelero…regarding those daytime shows Oprah, Dr. Phil and advice on marriage problems The problems with those shows is that they always brought on the partners of the marriage man and womandiscussed the issues but in the end they would feed the man to their audience Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea all women.

Anonymous — Can you answer a question for me? Why did you marry this man? Was the sexual interest non-existent from the start?

To the Lighthouse

The endless video gaming? Or did it change? But you were lane changing from just getting lovers to also wanting a provider. Living in a Blue Pill fairy tale environment softened me to the point I found learning game and swallowing the Red Pill difficult. I think popular media, films, tv series all suggest to guys to just hang in Hot girl in Kelowna that gives all the power and decision-making to the woman.

Red Pill is about recognizing female behaviours and understanding them in Beautiful wives seeking hot sex Swansea context of what is best for you. Being a Swabsea pleaser is self-destructive.