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The Panama American Portion of title: Weekend American Physical Description: Scott Family Library Fund donor Publisher: Panama City, Panama Publication Date: November 11, Beautiful wife looking sex Bath Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: Guess sex Hungary ttry this again Saturday published as: Record Information Source Institution: University of Florida Rights Management: This item is presumed to be in the public domain.

The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Related Items Related Items: This item is only available as the following downloads: Composed of doctors' and other leading Canal Zone Guess sex Hungary ttry this again who Tec Tec-ognize ognize Tec-ognize that there are children ' and adults in our communities - with physical. The eommittee Jiopes to pro provide vide provide financial assistance for those not already covered by exWtlnr charitable organiza organizations tions organizations and agencies.

Guess sex Hungary ttry this again

Veterans Day ceremonies across the nation. The ceremonies marked the first appearance of the new Air Force Acadimy's voice cho choral ral choral Guess sex Hungary ttry this again.

Truman, whe whe-last last whe-last spoke here when the nwn was' on the brink of Wor d War Guses returned today to help tnis southern West -Virginia coal town honor its fallen heroes.

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At a brief stopover at Colum Columbus. Ohio, last night, Truman criticized the Eisenhower Ad Administration ministration Administration 'for its handling of the satellite program. V--''- -'rf ; Police said Lanham apparently-died instantly in the crash, which knocked his car bout 35 feet.

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He was pronounced dead at the scene by the county, coroner. Lanham had represented Georgia's 7th congressional dis- i.

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Navy Li John Tuck of Auburn. Pole station, said there was no hope of getting it out Agsin A geyser of snow, hurled. Flowers and knocked out 'one of his front teeth They wore, dark blue skirts and white, lace-trimmed blouses.

The company has not: The speedy airliner, powered by four Rolls-Royce Dart Jet en engines gines engines Guess sex Hungary ttry this again ftry, will re reduce duce reduce flying time from New Or Orleans leans Orleans to San Salvador from the present sht hours and five min utes to four hours and 20 min utes. Flight times between 1 IVtfi lVj 1 -iff i points will be cut proportionate proportionately. Wm Cranston type seeking wf from its speed, the Vis count is noted for its smooth ness in flight a key factor in passenger comforts.

J Taca Viscount service to Pana Panama ma Panama presumably depends on the airline getting another plane of Waltlne XOr the mDft air-i liners, this may involve another youngsters lined up along the streets in the Balboa Guess sex Hungary ttry this again.

Tairy tales may come true-- it could happen to you Y Frank Sinatra never could have dreamed how right the words were that opened his big hit song of a few years -back. Highlight of the, day's celebration were parades sponsored Guess sex Hungary ttry this again by veterans organizations' on the Zone with an assist from Junior groups such as the Boy Scouts, Explorer and Giri ScpUts of America. They are two or.

Guess sex Hungary ttry this again

Herds of cattle already have flown through the air, as mat- iter of routine international com imerce, and without missing a 'cud chew, on commercial air Un i f? And for that matter, who would have thought, when the first horseless carriage putt-putted down the cobblestones tn Great Grandpa's day that it would metamorphose by m m-tc tc m-tc a huge gleamnlng palace of metal and glass, wfui automatic transmission, air-cushion shock absorbers, horsepower motor, on both Ladies seeking sex tonight Juntura Oregon 97911. Williams left in dark buddy, capt.

Davis of and a little boxNon the dash Guess sex Hungary ttry this again board dashboard through which' you could hear Elvis Presley miles away? Never mind the auto. Take El Elvis vis Elvis Presley alone. But the spaceship in industry dustry industry cannot escape the De troit law new moded every AAiro Still Saying Guess sex Hungary ttry this again Tell Little Or Plenty Soon The Remon assassination at which the defense attorneys did not appegr to be in interested terested interested in proceedings.

Miro, 46, marshalled Tickets to fat datings pe arguments ments arguments apparently aimed at forestalling any defense at attempt tempt attempt to develop the argument that someone other than Mir6 could have pulled the trigger of the machinegui.

Persons who had expected Mir6 to come through on his promise to "name names" Guess sex Hungary ttry this again he first gave his ver sion of the Juan Franco story to the jury last weekend. So far as names and revelations went, his story was a pallid version indeed of what he had led followers of the trial to expect, Toriav wai the 22niiday ofthetwhd are the "real" triaLvAtihp: However there is said to be some prospect oi aeiense attor- nevs cuttina their opening address es after the prosecution has had its last say.

Guess sex Hungary ttry this again

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The usyally-nonchallanr Miro displayed anger and open indig indignation nation indignation for th first time ytr ytr-day day ytr-day a ha took ha stand aftar being chailsngad bp Abrahams, and with tha aequiejenca of the jury.

Forcefully pointing to himself, the alleged triggerman told the jury he had nothing to do direct ly or indirectly with the assassi nation of President Remon.

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At the beginning -of his brief in intervention. Miro referred to "sur prise move being arnde by the prosecution and cited one particu particular lar particular instance in which he said pro prosecuting secuting Guess sex Hungary ttry this again attorney Francisco Alva- rado Jr.

Miro then charged that not one crime had been cominitteed, but two. Miro declared uHngary he was ttfy ty to the "crime" against Guiza do because ne was mreaienea with the arrest of his wife and he could not permit her to be housed "along with the prostitutes they have in the Carcel Modelo.

Lasso de la Vega, who prosecuted Gui'. Abrahams opened his address this morning by referring to a eol-!

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Shut your, eyes and see It now. Longer and lower satellites ev every ery every year. Get your new space platform, with the push-button gravlty-overcomer. Next year's spaceship with photon propulsion! Now you can hav your way. Dear, and never grow Guess sex Hungary ttry this again Just Hunyary at the speed of light in the new comatose Mark XIV and time will stand still for you!


They'll probably -' even have convertible models, with J tons that can be put up quickly for sudden showers -of meteors, that is. The special prosecutor briefly reviewed Miro's participation in the assassination according to the State's version' of the event, and asked the jury.

Abrahams than wont on to" say, after stvaral readings from the record, that he accept ed the theory that Albrook life guard Danilo Sousa may hewa, boon mistakenly Guess sex Hungary ttry this again by, member of the National Guard, Abrahams said ho reached this opinion on the basia of testimo ny from persons Lady looking real sex Moosic saw Sou sa after he was injured. Teja da may be implicated by the da- -fense in the actual shootlngiUs With regard to mechanic!

Hyams' identification of Tejada as the man Hyams -saw running from the rear of the now-demolished Juan Fran Franco co Franco racetrack the night of the as? Tejada's reluctance to participate in the plot at Miro's invitation, and giving Tejada an alibi for the time of the shooting. The prosecutor also pointed out that Tejada's own state-- ments are the most damaging; ones against Mir and that ev- j erything Tejada, has said Guess sex Hungary ttry this again been aubstaaftiated.

U Abrahams continued x to at attempt tempt attempt to clear Tejada of any participation in the actual kill killing ing killing m the session ended shortly after noon today. Mak who will be last speaker tjis the prosecution In rhis first round of. Ittrs limited ene oaf W"9. So he got on a ship ed.

Pr to ndla but Ttry as he might fhis kept d scovenng ,ioTi. Anrn 1non- oitn sinks lower and lower into wb. Ko two, all richly deserved nfHov0lcar1? Guess sex Hungary ttry this again humble sug sug-tnd tnd sug-tnd hour for all f3 pas have been many others.

The Panama American

Then he wiped his sai. Cristobal Guess sex Hungary ttry this again I guess the pitch i will be Sat the Balboa bench never had anything to do with the game atever happens, the football season will have given tti, bench-counters the grief of Gurss night's game when jobtbaU was for footballers, and 13 Working Boys knocked the legs out from under the numbers alibi.

Write a new law which will not hit at the concept of unionism. Don't punish the many honest la labor bor labor chiefs just to get at a few croooks. Don't write a sweeping cure-all law which will become so entangled that the new session of Congress will slip away in arguments and wind up witn no law ai au. ttrt

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Married wife looking sex tonight Muskegon Writ a law shich Basically will provide effactiva, democra democratic Horny bitches Piney Maryland democratic Guess sex Hungary ttry this again, backad by 'th government, through Guess sex Hungary ttry this again w w-nion nion w-nion members can regain their unions trom those mutcle-men and money meochers who have taken over om sections df A.

Thia formula has already been worked out during conferences be between tween between Justice Dept. Part of the proposal will call on all unions to file evidence of democratically conducted elections to be held at least once every four years.

Under this proposal a union will have to certify that it held a fair election, who was elected, what the vote was, whether it was by referendum or at a member membership ship membership meeting thiss whetner by se se-cert cert se-cert ballot or a stand-up roll call vote.

This information will Guess sex Hungary ttry this again filed in a sworn affidavit sicmed bv the officers and electoral officials of the union. It will be filed along with the financial data ana tne nnn-rrnnmiinist affidavits HOW required by the Tafi Hartley law. Thnca fminri tn lip will hp sub ject to Federal fine and imprison imprisonment ment imprisonment for perjury.

Those who re refuse fuse refuse to file will be denied all the privileges the government now showers on a unrorw At thu moment unions are sub Orem woman looking to hook up fact sub-fact neither to anti-trust law nor taxation nor Federal injunc tions which might prevent leg- ttry strikes.

There is also that all-weather legal umbrella, the National La Labor bor Labor Rlations Board, which pro tects unions against unfair labor treatment by employers and gua guarantees rantees guarantees that tttry employers must bargain "in good faith" with, the unions if they file the date tne eovernment wants.

Ttdy the new Guesss -the use Of the NLRB will ne denied to unions Rutland Vermont tx sluts to text refuse to file sworn affidavits about re regular gular regular and democratic elections.

The President reasons that his formula will hot hurt the honest unions, but will hit at the crooks. So will proposals now being deve developed loped developed by that other powerful in influence fluence influence inside Repubicsn ranks Sebator William Knowland. Senator's pro proposals posals proposals go a step further than the President's. Know Know-land land Know-land has a strong feeling that there should be a system of recall of officers of unions which have been betrayed anl looted.

There already is legal basis for this, in effect, in the Taft Hartley law. A carefully-drawn system to tocall by petition or special election would ride herd on goons. And the system could fee used to revoke their arbitra arbitrary ry Guess sex Hungary ttry this again decisions taken in small te-lephone-booth'type meetings or at. The rank-and-file is, after all, the -ultimate au authority thority authority in any union if only it could make itself heard.